Since 1946, the Fleming name has been one constant in the rapidly changing climate and economy of Oklahoma. Our leaders have strived to be pillars in the community, forging relationships that have spanned decades and generations.

While three distinct entities have carried the Fleming name in Tulsa, they’ve each shared a passion for serving clients and the community, striving to improve the experience of a construction project.

One thing that will never change is that contracting is a service, a service underpinned by trust and execution.

Fleming Construction Group leverages the experience of the previous companies bearing the Fleming name while blazing a new trail of its own. With a dedication to innovation in not only building systems and field practices but also in contracting methods such as Design/Build, it’s no wonder that when leaders of industrial development, multi-national corporations, local businesses and faith based organizations need a building project completed on time and under budget, they turned to FCG again and again.


Time marches on and so has FCG. Today’s building projects benefit from technology in ways we wouldn’t have imagined just 10 years ago and you can count on Fleming Construction Group to be up to speed on those advancements – from pre-construction collaboration and virtual design to lifecycle cost analysis, energy efficiency and jobsite productivity applications.

For our clients, buildings are more than mere structures. They are investments. They are dreams placed into reality. To Fleming Construction Group, they are commitments, and we are only as good as our ability to deliver on those commitments.


It’s a new day at the Fleming Construction Group. We proudly honor the legacy of the Fleming name, while evolving with the emerging needs of today.