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As a full-service design+build general contracting company, Fleming Construction has extensive experience in all types of large-scale construction projects. Our portfolio includes data centers, automobile dealerships, schools, churches, banks, bowling alleys, indoor tennis courts, retail centers, industrial warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers.


When embarking on a new construction project, selecting the right construction partner is the most important decision you can make. Get it right, and your project will be completed on-time, on-budget and become a point of pride for years to come. Get it wrong, and you could end up dealing with an expensive problem that only gets worse over time.

FCG gets it done right—on-time and on-budget, with an industry-leading quality standard that can lower the total cost of ownership throughout the life of your building.

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Big GC Capabilities Without All the Overhead

We’re lean and mean, and we keep our overhead low so that we can focus all energy and resources on building you an award-winning facility.

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We Share A Building Owner’s Mindset

Because we’re building owners ourselves, we understand the upfront and lifecycle ROI for building materials and design features. We’ve built, maintained and renovated millions of square feet of commercial and industrial space, and we put that experience to work on every project we take on.

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Relationships Matter

As a relationship-forward company, FCG partners with community leading businesses time and time again. We’ve had the privilege of serving as general contractor for some of the nation’s most well-known brands, because we operate from a service-first mindset and never put profit over people. Our clients’ best interest guides our process from day one, and we never rely on low initial bids that are then inflated with late-stage change orders.

Pre-Construction Services

The Industry Differentiator that Makes FCG a Standout in the Commercial Construction Industry

Fleming Construction General Contracting Company

Our decades in the construction industry have resulted in strong relationships with commercial and industrial real estate and development professionals. These relationships add value early in the process, particularly when determining site feasibility.

We then bridge the gap between consulting and construction with in-house, expert knowledge of construction processes and procedures that optimize your upfront facility design and budgets. We take the time during pre-development meetings and constructability reviews to develop detailed scopes so that subs can provide accurate estimates. Our projections are reliable and thorough so that you won’t have to go back to the board for additional CAPEX or use up all your contingencies on line items that should have been included in the first place.

We put our pre-construction team up against anyone’s – any day!

Construction Services

With Fleming as Your General Contractor Company,
the Contracting Method is up to You

For 75 years the Fleming name has delivered all types of commercial construction projects on time and under budget, regardless of the contracting method preferred. Fleming Construction Group will adapt to your preferred method of procuring contracting services.

design build


Design/Build is the most common contracting method in commercial, manufacturing, and industrial construction and for good reason. This method allows for early collaboration between design and the field. When done correctly, design/build accelerates budgeting, scheduling, and execution while giving owners the comfort of a single source of accountability.

Construction Management

General Contracting

General Contracting, which is a more traditional approach to construction, is where the owner holds separate design and construction contracts. Construction services are awarded based on the owner’s criteria, most often lowest first cost of construction and/or schedule.

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Construction Management

Construction Management can either be performed as an ‘Agent’ or ‘At Risk’.
In the CM Agent model, Fleming Construction serves as your trusted advisor, assembling the project team and acting as steward to your budget and scheduling interests. This is often executed in an open-book, cost-plus contract.

For the CM At Risk model, Fleming Construction guarantees the cost of the project, serving a hybrid role of CM + GC, with the intent of driving the project to come in at or below the guaranteed maximum, or not-to-exceed.

Value-Added Client Services You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Lifecycle Cost/TCO Analysis

It’s Not Just the Initial Cost that Matters

Clients are often surprised to learn that only 10% of the expense associated with owning and operating a facility is in the initial cost of construction. This means that 90% of the total cost of ownership is at risk for factors such as energy price escalation, and roof system maintenance, repair, and replacement.

We help clients take the long view towards their building investment by utilizing the best practices available for optimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO.)

As building owners ourselves, we help you make informed decisions regarding a facility’s lifecycle operations as they relate to:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Systems Repair and Replacement

We’ve helped clients save thousands through minor tweaks made to the original design and selected materials. These pre-construction changes help provide strong returns for invested capital and result in a better building overall.

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Cost Segregation Studies

Tired of Blindly Handing Money Over to the IRS? We Can Help.

Cost segregation allows building owners to improve cashflow by classifying units of property depreciation into 5, 7, 15 and 39-year categories, compared to traditional straight-line depreciation of 39 years. Cost segregation studies are crucial to finding the best way to take advantage of this depreciation benefit. But to be effective, these studies require expert analysis.

Who knows better than your construction partner the types and costs associated with the various systems installed in your facility? Our cost segregation studies routinely identify net-present value (NPV) cash benefits worth up to 30% of the building cost in the first 5 years.

More importantly, we do this upfront in the budgeting process so you can understand the benefits that cost segregation can deliver for your project. This allows for an early-stage level of visibility not typically gained until after a project is closed out.

Cost Segregation Studies

Rebates and Incentives

Despite a rapidly changing landscape, the Fleming Construction team is committed to staying current on incentives related to economic development and energy efficiency, as well as any potential federal deductions and credits that your new or renovated facility may qualify for. As part of our mission to lower your Total Cost of Ownership, our team of experts will track down available state grants, utility rebates, and federal tax incentives.

We’ve secured millions of dollars for our clients for construction costs, efficiency upgrades, and retrofits. Let us help you with your next commercial construction project.

Find Out More About Our Team of Experts:
The Fleming Team
Calculating Rebates and Incentives

Over 70 Million Square Feet of Promises Met Since 1946

“…You and your team have done a tremendous job of planning, value engineering and detail construction to make this facility a showcase for our clients and partners. Your management staff and onsite personnel worked diligently to ensure a quality product on a fast-track schedule without sacrificing workmanship or quality.”


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