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Alfa Laval

Category: Industrial + Manufacturing
Location: Broken Arrow, OK
Square Feet: 89K
Project Type: Re-Roof

When Alfa Laval’s 89,000 square foot ACE plant had exhausted the useful life of its roof, the Swedish heat transfer solutions company, called on Fleming 8760 to help. Made up of nine different building units with varying roof profiles, slopes and interior gutters, the complex project required tying all of the profiles together into a single roof plane.

Fleming 8760 designed, supplied, and installed a Slope-Build-Up system featuring Butler’s MR24 standing seam roof system. This system eliminates repair and maintenance headaches, while improving both the function and appearance of the buildings. Fleming 8760 also reverse engineered the project to maximize all applicable federal tax deductions, considerably offsetting the initial capital outlay.


  • Reinforcement of the Existing Structure
  • Installation of Joist and Deck Section to Span an Open Area Between Buildings
  • Elimination of Multiple Interior Roof Drains
  • Leveling Out 18 Different Roof Pitches Using Butler’s MR24 Patented System
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Alfa Laval Before Reroof
Alfa Laval After Reroof

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