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Alfa Laval
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Category: Industrial + Manufacturing
Location: Broken Arrow, OK
Square Feet: 73K

Fleming Construction Group won the 2019 Industrial Project of the Year Award from the Association of General Contractors for its work on a 73K square foot industrial facility expansion for international heat transfer, separator, and fluid handling technology company, Alfa Laval. The buildings, which included 13K square feet of office space and a 60K square foot spiral heat exchanger manufacturing center were part of a $50 million expansion that the Swedish-based company made in three US cities.

Fleming Construction won the project despite a highly competitive bidding environment thanks to a hyper-accurate and inclusive bid, which reflected the complicated nature of the job and was designed to be as close to the actual project cost as possible. The highly complex project required approximately sixteen overhead cranes, ranging from five- to sixty-ton capacity, to be in operation simultaneously inside the building. FCG completed the job, from ground-breaking to first occupancy permits, in exactly twelve months with zero on-site safety incidents.


  • 16 Overhead Cranes Operating Simultaneously
  • 60K Square Feet Industrial Space
  • 13K Square Feet Office Space
  • Butler Structural Steel System
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