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Fleming 8760 – AAON

Category: Manufacturing
Location: TULSA, OK
Construction Type: Roofing redesign, retrofit
Square Feet: 413K

When HVAC manufacturer, AAON, needed a complex redesign for the roofing system at their Tulsa facility, they called on Fleming 8760 for help. The facility’s problematic roof design featured numerous planes and materials that were poorly supported by an inadequate drainage system. The building’s constant leaks were difficult for AAON’s maintenance team to diagnose and address, resulting in constant roof repairs, in-building water-damage mitigation, and lost man hours.

To address the dysfunctional roofing system, Fleming developed an innovative design that tied together the various roof planes and utilizes the Butler Slope Build-Up Retrofit System with MR-24 Standing Seam Roof and customized valley gutters. The end result is a uniform, weathertight roofing system that reflects the quality of the AAON HVAC products manufactured inside.


  • Redesign of Multiple, Differing Roof Planes to Create a Uniform, Weather-Tight System
  • Slope Build-Up Retrofit System
  • MR-24 Standing Seam Roof
  • Custom Valley Gutter for Uniformed Drainage


  • Eliminate Pervasive Roof Leaks
  • Cost and Time Reduction to AAON Maintenance Team
  • Roofing and Drainage System Designed to Last for Decades
  • Energy Efficiency Rebate and Tax Incentives

“I commend Fleming 8760 for the way in which they responded and communicated throughout the process…Special thanks to the crews who worked safely through blizzards, rain and extreme heat to complete this impressive scope of work.” – Austin Embry, Facilities Manager, AAON

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