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Fleming Construction Group – An Oklahoma Mainstay

As one of the oldest commercial construction firms in Oklahoma, since 1946, the Fleming Construction Group (FCG) has helped build the businesses that support the Oklahoma economy. The FCG legacy of quality can be found throughout Tulsa, Oklahoma City and beyond, with projects ranging from schools and churches to manufacturing facilities, auto dealerships, and events centers.

With a 90% repeat business rate, the FCG family of companies has a reputation for quality workmanship, and an innovative approach that puts long-term value front and center. Our mission is to create spaces where our clients can be successful. We do this because we respect our clients, and we appreciate the trust they put in us.  But most importantly, we do it because we have a sincere appreciation for their vision and the part they play in making the Oklahoma economy strong.

The client-first FCG mission and value system is ingrained in our culture and it motivates every choice we make, whether we are working on new construction, a retrofit, or as partners erecting a steel building.

The Port of Catoosa Celebrates 50 Years and FCG Has Been There Every Step of the Way

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The Tulsa Port of Catoosa is built on 2,000 acres in Rogers County just outside the city of Tulsa. The port, operating on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System, provides a shipping hub to Oklahoma that connects its waterways with 25,000-thousand miles of river systems throughout the US. Seventy companies currently call the port home, employing 3,500 people.

In February, the Port of Catoosa celebrated its 50th anniversary, and the milestone was an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with this hub of Oklahoma commerce. The Fleming Construction Group has been integral to the port’s development since its inception, having built 40+ projects over the years totaling more than two-million square feet to-date.

“Our relationship with the Port of Catoosa is one in which we are very proud. To maintain a partnership throughout the decades with such a driving force in the Oklahoma economy is an honor. We look forward to many more years supporting the port and the businesses that call it home.”

-Tom O’Brien, FCG President

From Walmart to Amazon, FCG Builds the Centers of American Commerce

First WalMart Project, 1968
Walmart Apple Valley

As one of the most experienced large-scale building erectors in the state of Oklahoma, FCG is trusted by some of the biggest industry names in the US. From FCG’s partnership with Walmart that spanned decades to a relationship with Amazon that is now in its 21st year, the repeat business that comes from these Fortune 500 companies speaks volumes. Walmart chose FCG as its building partner for more than 45 million square feet of operations space across several states, while Amazon began working with FCG in 1999, with its most recent project, completed in 2020, its fifth over that time period.

Planning for the Future – Bringing the Spirit of Community to the National Stage

Otasco Jobsite, 1969

FCG on the Otasco jobsite, 1969

Throughout the years, FCG has built countless warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and other commerce centers throughout Oklahoma, and we are grateful to our home state for giving us the opportunity to grow, thrive and hone our skills as a premiere large-scale construction partner. As we look to the future and to further expansion of our business onto the national stage, we do so with the honor of knowing our success is derived from the success of our clients and the success of our friends and neighbors.

Historical Steel Building Erection Photo
Amazon Sort Facility Construction

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