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AAON’s New Net Zero Exploration Center

Location: TULSA, OK
Construction Type: NEW CONSTRUCTION
Square Feet: 28,000



AAON’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency goes beyond its lineup of innovative HVAC equipment to inform business decisions across their entire operation. When they decided to build a new product exploration center at their global headquarters in Tulsa, they committed to the project being net zero (meaning the building would be efficient enough to have a neutral emissions profile). The multi-story facility includes 10K square feet of showroom space where their customers can see, test and explore AAON’s world class systems through a range of exhibits that highlight their product’s features and benefits. The building also features 10K square feet of office space accented with full curtainwall glazing, 7K square foot assembly area, a conference area and lobby.

To attain net zero status, the exploration center utilizes AAON’s own geothermal HVAC system, enhanced building envelope insulation, and LED lighting and controls. The construction consists of Armstrong linear wood ceilings, curtainwall glazing, and structural concrete, which replaced the original order of structural steel, to mitigate Covid-era supply chain constraints and meet construction timelines. The Fleming Construction Group worked with Bridge Crane Specialist to erect the full curtainwall glazing system and pre-engineered building components to complete the project on-time with zero recordable safety incidents.


  • Building Materials: Structural Concrete, Curtainwall Glazing, Armstrong Linear Wood Ceiling
  • Special Equipment: AAON Geothermal HVAC System
  • Efficiency LED Lighting and Controls
  • Enhanced Building Envelope Insulation


  • Completed On-Time 
  • Building Qualifies for Energy Efficiency Rebates and Federal Tax Deductions
  • Zero Recordable Safety Incidents

“With the design and building phase taking place during peak post-covid supply chain constraints, and being confronted with site delays including high pressure gas lines and an abandoned oil pipeline, we had our work cut out for us. But our team was nimble, creative, and dedicated to getting the job done on time, on budget, and with no safety issues – and that’s exactly what we did.”John Gilbertson, Fleming Founding Partner

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