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Mill Creek Carpet and Tile

Category: Retail Showroom
Location: Tulsa, OK
Square Feet: 40K
Project Type: Comprehensive Roof Retrofit & HVAC Systems Upgrade

When Mill Creek Carpet & Tile purchased their 40,000-square-foot retail showroom, they inherited a sub-optimal roof deign, which eventually caught up to them in the form of persistent water penetration. The roofing retrofit needed to integrate and eliminate water penetration caused by the building’s existing four-sided parapets, which essentially created a bathtub on two of the three roof sections. Additionally, the facility’s mechanical systems were not sized properly to be compliant with today’s zoning ordinances. The 8760-team met with Mill Creek management to devise a retrofit plan that included a comprehensive roof retrofit and HVAC mechanical systems upgrade.


  • 40+ Year Weathertight Butler MR-24 Standing Seam Roof System
  • Roof Integration with Mill Creek Trusses
  • Capital Management Assistance – Nearly 100% of Project was Tax Deductible
  • HVAC PSO Rebate Management Resulting in $10,000 Upfront Cost Offset

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