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Braden Shielding

Category: Industrial + Manufacturing
Square Feet: 45K
Project Type: Lighting System retrofit

When Braden Shielding was looking to modernize their 45,000 square foot facility in order to increase throughput, improve occupant comfort, and update the general building façade to be more visually attractive and efficient, one of their first tasks was to upgrade their lighting system. Fleming 8760 managed the upgrade, which included project implementation and the securing of utility backed rebates.

As a result of the retrofit, lighting levels increased 3x, and now provide associates with a crisp, clean work environment with less strain on their eyes. This environmental improvement has helped to increase overall productivity and employee satisfaction. And, even with increased light levels, Braden Shielding will save over $16k per year in energy costs, in addition to the nearly $10,000 in utility rebates and $27,000 in tax deductions.


  • Whole Facility Lighting System Upgrade
  • $10,000 Utility Rebate Management
Braden Shielding Before Retrofit
Before Retrofit
Braden Shielding After Retrofit
After Retrofit
Braden Shielding Before Skylights
Before Skylights
Braden Shielding After Skylights
After Skylights
Braden Shielding Warehouse Interior
Braden Shielding Interior
Braden Shielding Lighting Project
Braden Shielding Interior
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