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Mill Creek Wood Systems

Category: Industrial + Manufacturing
Location: Tulsa, OK
Square Feet: 110K
Project Type: Comprehensive Roof Retrofit

Perhaps the most challenging roof in the Mill Creek portfolio is its 110K square foot wood systems facility in West Tulsa. Like many manufacturing plants, it had been expanded multiple times through the years by the previous owner and featured multiple roof lines that connected the buildings to one another. When the inevitable leaks popped up between the different building units and roof planes, various roofing companies unsuccessfully tried to fix them with spray-on coatings. As leaks are a major concern due to the sensitive nature of the facility’s best-in-class wood working operations, Mill Creek’s management wanted out of the continuous maintenance and repair cycle and ensure ongoing weathertight building operations. To this end, they opted for an 8760 metal-over-metal roof retrofit solution. What was once many different roofs are now one monolithic system, which is capable of unified expansion and contraction, making water infiltration a thing of the past. Additionally, Fleming 8760 helped them navigate the tax code to optimize the amount of project costs that they could claim as deductions.


  • 110K Square Feet Metal-Over-Metal Roof Retrofit
  • Multiple Roof Line/Seam Integrations
  • Deductions Management Assistance

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