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Tulsa Construction

Tulsa Construction – Check Out Some of Our Top Local Projects

Working in and around Tulsa for the past seven decades, we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of some pretty amazing projects. We love our community and we love it when we get to work local. Here's a list of some of our favorite Tulsa construction projects. This selected work is representative of what we’ve accomplished over the years in terms of scale, workmanship, square footage and versatility.

Fleming Construction

Fleming Construction Group – An Oklahoma Mainstay

As one of the oldest commercial construction firms in Oklahoma, the Fleming Construction Group (FCG) has been helping to build the businesses that support the communities in which Oklahomans live, work, and play, since 1946.

Energy Efficient Buildings

Protecting Profit with Energy Efficient Buildings

As one of the oldest commercial building contractors in Oklahoma, our experience has taught us that retrofits that prioritize energy efficiency result in lower total cost of ownership over time and in buildings that are better equipped to handle changes in technology and standards.

Tips for Working in the Heat

Working in the Heat

Even though it is mostly preventable, according to the EPA, heat is the leading weather-related cause of illness and death in the United States. As temperatures rise across the country, outdoor workers in general, and construction workers in particular, need to protect themselves from heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Fleming Construction Commercial Development in OK and beyond since 1946

Fleming Construction – Quality & Integrity Since 1946

How does any business maintain relevance decade after decade? First of all, it needs to offer a reliably high-quality product. Second, it needs to deliver on stated promises, time after time. Third, there needs to be exceptional customer service and client relations.

New FCG Website

Welcome to the New Fleming Construction Group (FCG) Website

We have been involved in some of the most interesting projects happening in Oklahoma and beyond, and we thought it only fitting that we build a virtual home that adheres to the same standard of excellence that our customers get from us out in the real world.